What You Need To Know About Travel Insurance Post-COVID-19

So as travel restrictions are being slowly lifted around the world, a lot of people are planning their next trips and asking about travel insurance. So if you already have travel insurance, here are some answers to commonly ask what questions regarding covid-19.

No.1, will I be covered for corona virus cancellations with an existing travel insurance policy?

The short answer is Yes. If you purchased your travel insurance policy before covid-19 and shelter in place, you will be covered. The World Health Organization declared corona virus as a pandemic on March of 2020, so if you purchase your travel insurance policy before that date, you can assume that you will be covered, but definitely still make sure to check with your insurance because the dates may vary.

No.2, how can I check if my policy has change due to corona virus? The short answer is to check with your insurance provider. Most insurance providers are giving updates on how covid-19 is affecting future travel plan, but some existing policies have new strict cutoff days, so make sure to check your insurance policy and make your claim for compensation before it’s too late.

No.3, will my travel insurance cover me if I go to an affected region? The short answer is no. So if you one booked a trip or two took out travel insurance, after corona virus was declared a pandemic, you are very unlikely to be covered.

No.4, would I be covered for corona virus if I buy my travel insurance? Now the short answer is no, since corona virus became a known event is just going to be very unlikely for a travel insurance provider to cover you for corona virus, and keep in mind that the government is still advising against traveling to certain destinations.

No.5, can I cancel my travel insurance policy if I can’t travel? The short answer is most likely. I think that the most important take away from this post is to just check with your travel insurance provider for the most accurate information for your certain situation. But if you bought travel insurance prior to the pandemic, and now you can’t travel because of the travel restrictions, then you should be able to cancel your policy. But definitely look into your pending claims because if you cancel your travel insurance policy and have outstanding pending claims, then those pending claims will be nullified if you cancel your travel insurance policy.

Remember that if you do decide to travel to stay safe and follow code guidelines as we are still in the middle of this pandemic. If you have any other questions, you can also check in with your insurer to have the most accurate information about your own policy.

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