16 Cars That Lose Their Value Fastest

Buying a car in seeing it lose a huge chunk of value immediately is not funny.

Instead of buying one of the following vehicles knew you could snag one that a few years old letting someone else take that value it that way you’ll get a great car for a killer price.

Here’s are 16 cars that lose their value the fastest.

No.16, the Buick enclave with about a 46% devaluation within the first 3 years. The Buick enclave drops in value like a rock with wheels.

No.15 the Cadillac SRX. Like the Buick enclave the SRX did enjoy the kind of stronger man luxury crossovers usually. After three years this Kelly loses about 47% of its original value.

No.14 the Audi A3. This is the most affordable Audi car in the market and it loses about 47% of its original value after 3-years.

No.13 the Volkswagen Jetta. You may want to go for a certified used model instead of one fresh off the assembly line. This car loses around 48% of its value within the first 3 years.

No.12 the Chrysler 200. The lack of shoppers lining up to buy the 200 has led it over 48% of the car’s value eroding within the first 3 years.

No.11 the Ford Taurus. The big sedan from the blue oval takes a pummeling when it comes to devaluation in the first three years dropping almost 50%.

No.10 the BMW 3 Series. This car drops about half its value in the first three years of course people often lease BMW thanks to the fear of paying for expensive repairs.

No.9 the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Yet another German luxury sedan and it too loses about half its overall value in 3-years. Like BMWs this sedan is often least thanks to the mortgage payments prepared.

No.8 the Volkswagen Passat. Tipping the scale and over 50% depreciation within the first 3 years the Passat is a car you probably don’t want to buy new and then resell shortly after.

No.7 the BMW 5 Series. If you really want to see your money burnt, buy a brand new BMW 5 Series. It loses around 53% of its initial value in the first three years which almost matches the M50 60 time.

No.6 the Volvo S60. The previous generation of the sudan loses about 59% of its value within five years all that safety equipment doesn’t protect your hard-earned cash.

No.5 the Land Rover Range Rover. The retail price for one of ultra luxurious SUVs is pretty steep. But if you pick up one that’s about 5 years old you get a better 59% discount.

No.4 the Chevrolet Volt. If you opt for one it’s about 5 years old, this electric hybrid car loses around 59% of its value by then that way you’ll save on gas and vehicle costs.

No.3 the Lincoln MKZ. Jim Carrey did a parody of the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial stating that nobody buys Lincoln because it makes sense. That might be true since the mid-size luxury sedan loses close to 60% of its original value after 5-years.

No.2 the BMW 7 Series. The biggest BMW sedan is also the biggest loser of value with about 63% of it melting away in 5-years. Repairs to all that cutting-edge tech could cost you your first born child.

No.1 the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Not to be outdone by a beamer, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class takes almost a 64% price drop at 5-years. You can jack a lot of that up to the envelope pushing features that loves to break and cost a small fortune to fix.

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